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At Dickson Psychology, we work with children, parents, adolescents and adults with a broad range of mental health issues. We specialise in the diagnosis and treatment of a range of issues including anxiety, grief, low self-esteem, depression, panic attacks, relationship difficulties, challenging behaviour, school and workplace difficulties, and trauma. 


Our specialised diagnostic / assessment services can give invaluable information about your child’s development, learning and behaviour.

All of our assessments are conducted by fully qualified psychologists who have extensive experience in psychological assessment for young people aged under 17 years.

Every assessment comes with a report that is highly specialised, and clearly explains the results and provides individualised recommendations. We work closely with you to ensure you are informed every step of the way and take the time to go through results with you fully.


We provide therapy services for children, adolescents, adults and families for a range of concerns, and use evidence-based approaches to suit individual needs.


While treating clients presenting with a range of social, emotional and psychological issues, we consider the needs of the client in the context of family, educational and/or workplace settings, and develop therapeutic strategies to help alter their unhelpful thoughts, feelings and behaviour. The goals of psychological assessment and therapy are unique for each client, and are developed by the client and therapist in collaboration. 



Dr Eliza Ahmed (Director) 

Eliza is a full member of the Australian Psychological Society (APS) and a Fellow of the APS College of Educational and Developmental Psychologists. Her strengths are working with children and families in the assessment and diagnosis of developmental delays, learning disorders, attention and behavioural difficulties, and autism spectrum disorder. Therapeutically, Eliza has extensive experience providing evidence-based approaches in the areas of anxiety, OCD, autism, and emotional / behavioural regulation. Parental support is a valued part of her work. For more information, visit Dr Ahmed's website here.

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Natalie Evans (Director)

BA (Soc.Sc)

Natalie is a Clinical Counsellor with more than ten year’s experience as a psychologist in private practice on a background in community. Natalie studied family therapy, drug and alcohol and is experienced in working with adolescents and adults who have experienced trauma. She has extensive work experience and training in child protection, out of home care, drug and alcohol, working with trauma, family relationship difficulties, grief, and workplace issues, to name a few.  

Natalie’s work is primarily in the online space and welcomes clients from across Australia, who like her, find it a great way to work together. For more information, visit Natalie’s website here. 

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Fiona McKinnon (Director) 
Educational and Developmental Psychologist (Endorsed)
MComCouns(Ed), MPsych (Ed&Dev), MEdNeuroscience

Fiona is a full member of the Australian Psychological Society (APS), a Fellow of the APS College of Educational and Developmental Psychologists, and an AHPRA approved registered supervisor.  She has comprehensive experience in assessment for ASD and ADHD: psychoeducation, and Specific Learning Difficulties (SLD), including Dyslexia, Dysgraphia and Dyscalculia. She provides integrated therapy for child development behavioural and learning difficulties. 


Fiona can be contacted through the administrative phone number on (02) 6100 7383, or directly on 0402 179 395. 


All information and records regarding clients are kept strictly confidential. We will not release any information about clients to anyone except with appropriate authority. There are some exceptions to this, which will be discussed in your initial session.


If you attend sessions with a referral, we need to provide regular reports of your progress to your referrer.


If there are particular issues that come up in your therapy that you do not wish to have written about, please indicate this as soon as you can.


Eliza and Fiona are registered with the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency's (AHPRA) Psychology Board of Australia, and hold membership with the Australian Psychological Society (APS).  Dickson Psychology is registered with National Disability Insurance Agency. Please ring our friendly Reception (02 6100 7383) to discuss options. 

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